100% Polyester 56/57"

Our Charmeuse is a Non. St. Woven with a shiny finish. Beautiful silky hand with a nice drape. Great for Apparel, Interior, & DIY/Craft projects.

Under The Black Moon print Jacket and Pant set on our Poly Charmeuse.


Charmeuse from the French word for female charmer, is a medium too lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave, in which the warp threads cross over four or more of the backing (weft) threads.

These float threads give the front of the fabric a smooth, shiny finish, whereas the back has a dull finish. Charmeuse differs from plain satin in that charmeuse has a different ratio of float (face) threads, and is of a lighter weight.

Under the Black Moon Jacket on our Charmeuse.