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MY Prints is a digital printing studio specializing in textile printing for apparel, costuming, fine arts, film, television, home furnishings, and accessories. Founded in 2011 by industry veterans Carol Yeager and Steven Moreno, MY Prints has a unique approach to printing that combines the latest digital technology and passion for design. 

​At MY Prints, we believe our passion, dedication, and experience are the foundation of our business. Our clients include fashion, costume and set designers, retail merchandisers, artists, and garment manufacturers, DIY/Crafters from around the world. We attribute our success to extensive industry know-how, making the right connections with our clients and vendors, and keeping up with current trends.  We are so excited and would love nothing more than to extend our services and support to the online fashion and interior community. Let's make something beautiful!

We put the ART in digital printing.


Digital Textile Printing offers numerous benefits for the fashion and textile industry, revolutionizing traditional practices. Its advantages include:

MYP Collab Video with Fernando Alberto/Solstice